We are firm believers in outsourcing specialist activities to suitably skilled specialists and we promote this point when we encourage manufacturing companies to put there logistics requirements in our care. If your business is manufacturing, why put your resources into logistics?

Our business is logistics, it’s what we do best, why then would we try to look after maintenance of Vehicles or Warehouse equipment ourselves when there are specialists out there who can do this more efficiently and cost-effectively than we can?

Approval, monitoring and control of our service providers is how we ensure that their actions do not impact on the quality of the service we provide or indeed on the quality of the product we handle on behalf of our customers.

We assess all service providers that we engage and put in place a Technical Agreement (TA) with those that may have a possible impact on Good Distribution Practices (GDP). The TA clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of both parties. We also have a specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the approval of service providers.

The key strengths of our Quality System include: