Kanban’s are an essential part of a well-oiled lean process. Most Just In Time (JIT) deliveries are fed into kanbans and the kanban in turn is used to feed the retail / factory floor. Availing of Supply Chain Management services from Store-All Logistics such as Warehousing, Transport, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Supplier Hubbing and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries gives you the option of bundling Kanban Replenishment as another value added service.
Based on the range of products you are consuming, your rates of consumption of each product, the space constraints within your facility the size and location of your kanban area’s for each product will be decided. Based on the size of your kanban along with the rate of consumption of each product the size and regularity of each delivery will be calculated in order to have your kanbans replenished before they run out of stock.

Getting deliveries to your door means you need to receive, check and transfer to kanban, however having us deliver to your kanbans eliminates this body of work for your team thus freeing them up to concentrate on core activities. Updating your system can be done through systems integration with our WMS or can be done manually by our staff on your site once delivered, whichever you are more comfortable with.
We can also look after the management of the kanban replenishment meaning you don’t even need to place the orders for the stock needed to backfill the kanbans, instead either through systems integration or through regular manual checks we will ensure that your kanbans are always adequately stocked.