Lineside Replenishment is another task that more and more manufacturing plants are outsourcing in a bid to cut costs, generate efficiencies and concentrate on core activities. Depending on your rates of consumption Store-All Logistics can keep your lines supplied either through regular visits or by having staff implanted full-time at your facility. Availing of Supply Chain Management services from Store-All Logistics such as Warehousing, Transport, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Supplier Hubbing and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries gives you the option of bundling Lineside Replenishment as another value added service.

A Technical Agreement would be put in place and signed by both Store-All Logistics and your company outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) would be developed detailing the scope of the work to be undertaken. Store-All Logistics would then provide a pool of staff trained in these SOP’s along with all other necessary training in order to ensure the tasks are performed consistently to the required level.