The Store-All Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been our core business feature for some time. Built in-house, it provides all the functions for warehouse operations, including physical inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking, as well as management features such as queries and reporting. We are constantly updating and improving the system as we respond to customers’ changing needs.

Key Benefits

The WMS solution combines front and back end technology, and because it is a web based solution, it is highly flexible and platform independent. The WMS retrieves and stores information in the centralised database on the server. It cuts the risk of data synchronisation errors and provides accurate inventory information. The key benefits include:

  • Enhanced customer service through online access
  • Increased control over stock movement.
  • Greater accuracy – real-time verification eliminates errors.
  • Optimum use of space – allows stock to be efficiently stored and instantly located anywhere in the warehouse.
  • Improved management and control – strong planning and monitoring capabilities.
  • Reduced paperwork and administration.
  • Reduced Item picking time between customer notification and shipping – delivery.
  • Increased number of Unit Items shipped per day.
  • Increased visibility and transparency, with all reports, dockets and invoices generated electronically and automatically emailed to the customer (if requested).

Online Inventory Control

Our customers can avail of online access to our WMS. The designated users can access the Store-All WMS, where the user will have the ability to run reports to determine current stock levels and stock activity. Each user will have the ability to use the Store-All WMS automatic report generator where a number of reports can be produced for regular specified periods (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly) as configured.