For Suppliers / Vendors:

One aspect of Supply Chain Management that is becoming more widespread is the end-user of products (mainly manufacturing and retail sectors) pushing their suppliers into a VMI model. For many changing to a VMI model can be daunting, as they do not have the expertise, resources and capability to get this up and running successfully in a short timeframe. Store-All Logistics can manage the inventory on behalf of the vendor, providing the customer with real-time access to stocks through our online Warehouse Management System (WMS). In short we can enable you to provide your customers with an instant VMI solution. Contributing factors such as rates of consumption, kanban sizes, buffer stock holding and minimum stock levels would be part of the VMI model in order to give flexibility in scaling up or down

For the buyer:

Having suppliers managing their own inventory for you means you maintain the continuity of supply and you still have buffer stocks close at hand, but, critically, your capital is no longer locked into holding inventory and this will free up cash flow for you to expand your business. This business model is widely used by the big retail chains and manufacturing giants and is filtering its way down to all levels of the retail and manufacturing sectors with the more proactive already on board. If this is something you are interested in, but are anxious that either your own company or your supplier(s) are not geared up to get this up and running smoothly, you should contact us immediately. We have the expertise to manage the transition to a VMI solution smoothly and will ensure that you maintain continuity of supply and have visibility on all of the required information.