In order to qualify for AEO certification, a company needs to have:

  • An appropriate record of compliance with customs requirements;
  • A satisfactory system of managing and presenting Entry and Exit Records which allow appropriate customs controls;
  • Proven financial solvency;
  • High Quality security and safety standards.

Security is the key component of any AEO Certified company, in particular:

  • Controls in place to ensure the integrity of its personnel
  • Controls in place to ensure the integrity of the documentation
  • Systems in place to restrict the access to its premises

The fact that Store-All Logistics have attained AEO Certification is an endorsement of our security systems in the same way that our ISO 9001:2015 is an endorsement of our quality systems and our IMB Licence is an endorsement of our Good Distribution Practices (GDP).


As a warehouse keeper Store-All Logistics has the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure that while the goods are in a customs warehouse or in temporary storage they are not removed from customs supervision.
  • To fulfil the obligations that arise from the storage of goods covered by the customs warehousing procedure or by the rules on temporary storage.
  • To comply with the particular conditions specified in the authorisation for the customs warehouse or for the temporary storage facility.
  • To provide adequate protection of the storage area against external intrusion.
  • To ensure adequate protection against unauthorised access to, substitution of and tampering with the goods.

As a freight forwarder Store-All Logistics has the following responsibilities:

  • To apply the rules on transport formalities.
  • To ensure correctness of export declarations and for their timely lodgement, if the export declarations are lodged by the freight forwarder.
  • To ensure a secure and a safe supply of goods to carriers, warehouses and others if supplied by the freight forwarder.

As a customs clearance agent Store-All Logistics has the following responsibilities:

  • To apply the necessary provisions in accordance with the Customs rules specific for the type of representation, for placing the goods under a customs procedure.
  • In case of ‘Indirect Representation’, To accurately prepare customs or summary declarations for their timely lodgement.

As a transport provider Store-All Logistics has the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure a secure and safe transport of goods. In particular, responsible for preventing unauthorised access to and tampering with the means of transport and the goods being transported.
  • To provide the necessary transport documentation.
  • To apply the necessary legal formalities in accordance with customs law.


  • AEO Certification means that Store-All Logistics are recognised globally as a safe, secure and compliant business partner in the international supply chain;
  • Store-All Logistics are given a lower customs risk score in customs risk analysis systems when profiling. At present, Irish Customs is applying more robust risk assessments on exports. These will be minimised in the case of AEOs;
  • Store-All Logistics will be given priority treatment if physical customs checks are to be carried out.
  • Mutual recognition of AEO programmes globally will guarantee faster movement of goods through international borders;
  • As an AEO, Store-All Logistics only need to provide reduced data sets in respect of safety and security for exports which will lessen administrative overhead;
  • Store-All Logistics are in a stronger position to benefit from customs simplified procedures;
  • Store-All Logistics can benefit from waivers in respect of customs performance bonds.

Outlined above are some of the key benefits for Store-All Logistics in attaining AEO Certification. However, the ultimate benefit is in being able to pass these benefits onto our customers. If you are involved in the movement of goods through international borders you want to be able to make the delivery route as lean and efficient as possible in order to minimise lead times and to ensure product consistently arrives on time from source to destination.

Using AEO Certified partners from end-to-end will allow you to fast-track goods through international borders.