Warehouse Management System

Our stock holding has fluctuated since 2007 ranging from 2,500 pallets to 7,000 pallets whilst our weekly pallet movements have grown from roughly 1,000 per week in 2007 to 2,000 per week in 2012, Store-All’s WMS has managed every aspect of this and continues to consistently deliver impeccable results.

In 2012 Store-All managed to return an annual Cycle Count accuracy of greater than 99.5% for the sixth year running. With over 500,000 pallet movements, and counting, since we’ve commenced business with Store-All we have had zero discrepancies that have been attributable to the WMS.

The online access is a feature of Store-All’s WMS that we find very useful and is something that over 15 of our staff use either regularly or intermittently as required – not only does this save both ourselves and Store-All time in communicating and checking into queries, it also gives us full confidence in the system.

Michael Mansfield

Warehouse Operations Manager, GlaxoSmithKline.

Store-All’s WMS and stock accuracy has never been an issue for us - Store-All handled almost 10,000 pallets in 2012 for Genzyme Ireland with a stock accuracy of 100% . Several of our staff at Genzyme have 24/7 online access via a password to Store-All’s WMS which we find very helpful and saves us time in checking stock levels and movements etc. Genzyme have audited Store-All on several occasions with no major issues - our products are stored at Store-All in temperature controlled conditions between 15 and 25 degrees C while the warehouse is monitored and alarmed as per our requirements with reporting on temperature reports freely available.

Sean O'Regan

Warehouse Team Leader, Genzyme.