Order Fulfilment

Store-All Logistics provides a fully-managed order fulfilment service which allows our clients to outsource their storage, pick and pack service quickly, easily and cost effectively so they can focus on building their business.

If you have a distribution requirement, you will be all too familiar with the need for accurate and cost effective order fulfilment. The pick and pack service is a critical element in your offering and a key competitive advantage in you winning and retaining customers.

The growth of internet use means that more people are buying and ordering products online for delivery to home or office. Store-All Logistics can manage the process which takes place from the point of sale of any product to the delivery of that product to the customer.

Our Order Fulfilment services can involve some or all of the following:

  • Bulk storing the product or products for distribution.
  • Taking and recording the customers request by internet or phone.
  • Picking and assembling the components of the order.
  • Securing, packing, labeling and addressing the consignment.
  • Shipping the consignment to customer by truck, van, mail, etc.
  • Maintaining computerised stock records for re-ordering.
  • Ordering and securing replacement stock.
  • Recording complaints and processing returns.

The nature of order fulfillment contracts means that the central assembly hub can be located anywhere in the country, particularly with our nationwide distribution arrangement.

If you have an Order Fulfilment requirement don't hesitate to contact us, or alternatively complete our online contact form and let us get in touch with you.